Safari Robin Pope

Robin Pope Safaris, known for their conservation ethic and specialist safaris announces a six-night Shoebill Safari set for May 10th, 2015 to be conducted by acclaimed safari and photography guide, Jacob Shawa.

Rates start at US$4424 per person (with a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight) and include all safari costs (excluding visas and items of a personal nature) starting with the flight to Mfuwe from Lusaka.

This exceptional trip covers two nights at RPS’ Nkwali camp in the South Luangwa, two nights in Kasanka National Park and two nights at Shoebill Camp at Bangweulu Wetlands. In the course of searching for the remarkable shoebill, safari-goers will encounter elephants, lions, giraffes and a whole host of other wild creatures such as the elusive sitatunga and the beautiful black Lechwe. No fewer than 457 bird species inhabit this area, including all manner of water birds as well as the endangered wattled crane. Still, the star remains the shoebill:

Ornithologists rank the SHOEBILL as one of the five most desirable birds in Africa. It can stand as high as five feet tall. Its bill is as big as a boot, and its wingspan can reach eight feet. Ancient Egyptians depicted it; ancient Arabs referred to it as abu markub, or one with a shoe. Some scientists claim it is the “missing link” between storks and pelicans. Stork or pelican, this blue-gray “statue-like” bird resembles a creature from Alice in Wonderland (or possibly from The Black Lagoon).

But it’s not just their strange, alien looks; it’s their voices, too. Shoebills are known to moo like a cow; whine like a persistent kid at a candy store, and clatter their bills during nesting season. The sound of young birds begging for food is “uncannily like human hiccups.” Loners, Shoebills typically forage in muddy waters and spread out from each other (sometimes as far as 66 feet), the way people unconsciously step apart in an elevator. To see these wonderful creatures and many other exotic birds and wildlife species, book THE SHOEBILL SAFARI with Robin Pope Safaris.

For a complete itinerary, bookings and information, contact:



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